Ski with DK

DK will take you to the next level if skiing!

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Ski with DK

DK will take you to the next level if skiing!

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Welcome to DKSkiclinic

LEARN EASY while having fun skiing with DK

I believe that you will upgrade your skills 200%, If you enjoy the moment with ADRENALIN FLOWING when you are learning, this would deliver the best result with new sensations at the end of your day.

Having a fun time should be your first goal to make your precious time worthwhile and memorable as you want to finish your day with a big achievement in a memorable time whether you want to have just a fun time or training time. Especially, when you wish to learn skills to upgrade from your level, or to be at the certain level that you wish to be, you definitely want to enjoy the moment with adrenalin flowing while you learning as this adrenaline-rush will give you the best outcome whatever you wish to do.

Experience the adrenaline-flow, DK will deliver truly memorable experiences to you while learning


look_yellow.pngPrivate Lesson

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Take the private focus with DK. You will have the benefit of taking the knowledge and 21 years of skiing experiences out of the lessons. DK will assist you as best he can with his experiences as a coach/friend/guide.


look_yellow.pngPowder Lesson

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Would you like to explore the mountain to out of gates? Join DK for a full fun day in the wild but the best natural deep powder of Hokkaido!


look_yellow.pngJunior Interschool Race

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Are your children competing on interschool race? Get fine-tune from DK for your children’s race. DK who nominated on '2020 S.S.A Club coach of the year finalist' will boost up your children’s skiing level.



Level 4 PSI Ski Instructor

"DK nominated on the finalist of S.S.A(Ski Snowboard Australia) instructor of the year awards in 2019. That was an unbelievable moment as a foreign instructor to be nominated on that big awards in a foreign country. Even though I didn’t win the awards, being nominated at the finalist on that the big awards, was enough to make me motivated and compensated for all of my effort that I have been putting into the junior interschool race team coaching. Because This is such a big recognition as a coach in Australia where is 8900km away from my home country, Korea."

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Let your golden memories rich. No matter what your goal is, DK will help your experience to be abundant

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