Private Lesson

Private Lesson

Private lesson with DK

Private lessons are the ultimate, personalized experience for all ages and abilities. Ski the terrain of your choice, focusing on technique you wish to improve!

Whether you are a beginner keen to try a new sport, a seasoned skier/boarder looking to fine tune your skills or someone wanting to ride with the best in the business, we have the perfect instructor/coach for you. In a private lesson, you will enjoy the exclusive attention of your instructor who will develop your strengths and focus on improving your skills.

DK is a Level 4 certified instructor to help you reach your personal snowsports goals.

We recommend you book in advance for private lessons, especially if you want to request a specific instructor.


What to expect from a private lesson

  • Learn, explore and have fun your way.
  • Enjoy tailored lessons that best suit your individual skill levels and styles.
  • Explore the mountain with your personal instructor.
  • Receive individualized and constructive feedback about your riding.
  • Feel much more confident with the mountain.
  • Enjoy the terrain and be able to take any unexpected situations
  • Understand your motions and way you make turns are all intended
  • Make yourself look amazing!

Half day private lesson

3 Hours from 9am -12pm
50,000 Yen



Come and see us for rehab skiing lessons.

What is Hokkaido powder like?

Niseko, the sanctum of JAPOW that made its name known to the world. According to observation data, Niseko has a stunning 80 to 100 days of snow during the winter ski season. At hardly any other place in Japan, let alone Hokkaido, can you ride on such fine powder that is reset every day.

Thanks to the area’s plentiful snow with it’s perfectly balanced water ratio, Niseko’s powder has been dubbed JAPOW by skiers, who consider it to be the snow of their dreams. Snow that is too dry is very light and easily blown away by the wind, but thanks to a moderate amount of water in the snow, the powder in Niseko is perfectly balanced for riding. When it comes to skiing and snowboarding, Niseko’s snow is of a fine quality rarely seen, even worldwide.


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Let your golden memories rich. No matter what your goal is, DK will help your experience to be abundant

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